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Discover what EasyChatbot can do for your company by creating custom chatbots.

What is EasyChatbot?

EasyChatbot is a tool that allows you to create virtual assistants easily and without code, with which you can automatically answer your customers' questions and requests 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Is EasyChatbot an interactive tool?

Yes, with EasyChatbot.net it is easy to create, publish and share interactive content, both in audio format (accessed by phone or web) and written format (via chat).

Examples: automatic appointment scheduling, multi-adventure stories, games, training, quizzes, automatic validation of checklists, etc...

EasyChatbot.net allows you to share chatbots online by simply sending a link.

Where does EasyChatbot work?

EasyChatbot is an omnichannel tool that you can use by phone, SMS, as a whatsapp chatbot, as a telegram chatbot, as a Facebook chatbot, on your website and even in the different metaverses.

  • When does a conversation end and the next one start with the same user?

The conversation is automatically considered finished when it reaches the last connected box in the diagram.

  • What is the purpose of the default speakers in the receptive box?

The speakers are for when you want the communication channel to switch to voice, you have your own agent speaking for you!

  • I got confused when connecting a box, how do I delete it?

The best way to remove an arrow is to select the origin of the arrow and move it away from the junction point.

How can I use EasyChatbot on WhatsApp?

First you need to have a Whatsapp compatible virtual phone number for bots (WABA). You can request these numbers directly from EasyChatbot.

If you want to serve your customers (Inbound) you only need to create your Decision Tree to define the conversation you want.

If you are the one who wants to initiate the contact (Outbound), the 'first message' to be sent must be approved by Whatsapp itself. For this you can choose between one of the standard 'first messages' (which were already approved) or you can request a new custom 'first message', which is a process that usually takes 48 hours.

All other messages are free format, so you do not need prior approval.

It is important to know that for Outbound conversations (those initiated by companies), Whatsapp has a strict anti-spam policy (against junk-messages), so that if any customer reports non-compliance with these policies, Whatsapp will send a warning about a possible blocking of the virtual phone.

How can I use EasyChatbot on Facebook?

  1. Create a Facebook account for your business if you don't already have one. This will allow you to use Facebook's chatbot platform and communicate with your customers through Facebook Messenger.
  2. Connect your Facebook account to your EasyChatbot. You will need to authorize the chatbot to access your Facebook account and Facebook Messenger.
  3. Configure your chatbot. Configure the chatbot behavior and create dialogs for the chatbot to interact with your customers.
  4. Publish your chatbot. Once you have configured your chatbot, you can publish it on your Facebook page or send it to your customers via Facebook Messenger.

It's important to note that to use chatbots on Facebook, you'll need to follow Facebook's policies and requirements for chatbots and automation. Also, you may need to get permission from your customers before sending them automated messages via Facebook Messenger.

How can I use EasyChatbot on Telegram?

  1. Create a Telegram account for your business if you don't already have one.
  2. Connect your Telegram account with your EasyChatbot. You will need to authorize the chatbot to access your account.
  3. Configure your chatbot. Configure the chatbot's behavior and create dialogs for the chatbot to interact with your customers.
  4. Publish your chatbot. Once you have configured your chatbot, you can publish it to your Telegram account or send it to your customers via direct messages.

How can I use EasyChatbot on my website?

  1. Configure your chatbot: In the control panel, you can create your Decision Tree that defines the chatbot's behavior so that the chatbot can interact with your visitors.
  2. Copy Embed Code: Copy the embed code generated by EasyChatbot. There are 2 types of embed codes:
    • click2chat: It is an icon that will appear on your website, which when clicked displays a small chat window.
    • landChat: It is a chat window that is embedded in your website, with the size you decide. They are very useful for Landing Pages.
  3. Paste Embedded Code: Paste the embedded code inside your web page. That code will become the chatbot you chose in the previous step (click2chat or landChat).

EasyChatbot does not create Cookies on your web page, so there is no need to display special warning messages about the use of Cookies. However, if your chatbot asks the user for personal data, you must handle it responsibly as required by applicable laws and regulations.

What is a decision tree?

The EasyChatbot decision tree, also called conversation tree, is a simple graphical tool made up of boxes that you can create yourself and link with your mouse.

It defines the flow of conversations your chatbot will have.

It has the shape of an inverted tree, because according to the user's answers, the conversation branches, as if it were a multi-adventure book.

A decision tree starts with a question or a problem that the user is interested in solving. From that question or problem, secondary questions are asked that lead to several options or possible outcomes. Each option or outcome is represented as a "branch" of the tree, and each question is represented as a "node" of the tree.

A decision tree is a useful tool to visualize and evaluate in a clear and organized way all the possible conversations contemplated in your EasyChatbot.

How do I create my own decision tree?

Designing a Decision Tree is a lot like playing 'Who's Who', and you'll see.

Before designing your own tree you should consider the following:

-Closed questions: your EasyChatbot should ask closed questions, i.e. questions that do not allow rambling and that can be answered with one or a few words. Ex: Do you wear glasses, do you wear a hat, what is your favorite color, is your name Maria?  

-Initiative: Your EasyChatbot should ask questions to the user, taking the initiative of the conversation. These questions serve as a guide to find out what the user is looking for. If the user feels the need to ask, the tree is not well designed.

-Limit answers: Questions whose possible answers are limited to less than 4 options are preferable.

Ex1: yes/no

Ex2: good/bad/regular

Tree preparation:

In the game 'Who's Who' you have a large number of characters (information) that are defined by characteristics shared by some (glasses, hat, blond/brunette/bald, etc). The best players are the ones who manage to group the information, according to their characteristics, in the best possible way to be able to ask the most effective questions first, which are the ones that lead you to the desired character (to the desired information) in the least possible number of questions.

That is why the preparation has the following steps:

1.- Information: you have to elaborate a list with the types of information and/or actions that may interest your users. It is equivalent to having a list of characters in the game.

2.- Characteristics: You have to find out what characteristics or common elements these information and actions have. These characteristics allow grouping the list of the previous point.

3.- Order groups: The groups (nodes) and subgroups (branches) are ordered in the form of a tree of several levels, so that each group has no more than 4 subgroups (branches) and the desired information is reached in the least possible number of levels.

4.- Extract the questions and answers: For each group/node of the tree you have to create a question based on the characteristic that differentiates each subgroup/branch. Ex: If a group was subdivided according to whether it wears a hat or not, resulting in a branch 'with hat' and another 'without hat', then the correct question to extract is 'Does it wear a hat?' and its possible answers will be 2 subgroups/branches: yes and no.

5.- Digitize your tree: Use the graphical tree editor of EasyChatbot to create your tree based on the questions and answers obtained in the previous point. You have a simulator to test the result.

6.- Production: Publish your EasyChatbot in one of the available channels (phone, embedded code, Whatsapp, etc) so that your users can talk to it.

7.- Learning: Extract the list of answers given by your users to see if there are any that are not yet included in your current tree. Include those answers in your tree to improve the performance of your EasyChatbot.

Who is EasyChatbot.net for?

EasyChatbot is for anyone who wants to automate a process, especially if you need to interact with people, like your customers.

If you are a SMB you are interested in getting new customers and building customer loyalty, because your customers will no longer have to wait in phone queues to ask FAQs, or to schedule an appointment in your agenda. They will always have an immediate response. It also allows you to automate your sales funnel.

If you are a Contact Center you will be able to launch outbound campaigns with predictive dialing using virtual agents, human agents or both, via phone or Whatsapp.

If you are a creator of interactive content, such as multi-adventure stories, interactive postcasts, etc, you are interested in EasyChatbot because you will be able to earn money by creating, publishing and sharing your content using our platform.

Why is EasyChatbot.net important for SMBs?

Because it helps you get new customers and retain old ones.

For an SMB, every unattended customer can mean losses.

EasyChatbot.net allows you to serve your customers immediately and uninterruptedly through the phone, your website, Whatsapp, SMS and social networks.

Your EasyChatbot.net assistant can give appointments to your customers according to the slots in your schedule, can answer frequently asked questions, manage orders, purchases, etc...

EasyChatbot.net can also filter your incoming calls and chat requests, so that you only receive those that meet the criteria you decide.

Communicate with your customers via SMS, Whatsapp or by phone, sending them personalized automatic notifications.

What are the advantages of EasyChatbot in a Contact Center?

Manage your Contact Center from anywhere with Internet access, easily and without installations thanks to our EasyChatbot.net technology in the cloud.

With EasyChatbot.net you can create phone or chat campaigns with virtual assistants that automatically converse with your customers, both outbound (by uploading a phone list) and inbound, by phone, Whatsapp, SMS, Web and social networks.

Then you can send those conversations to your human agents to be able to offer them a more personalized attention.

The human agent will be able to manage the customer's file while talking or chatting with them, and you will be able to hear and monitor their conversations easily and remotely.

You will be able to save recordings of all conversations and generate powerful reports.

How does EasyChatbot.net apply to Industry 4.0?

EasyChatbot.net allows you to automate processes, especially repetitive ones, eliminating bureaucracy and gaining efficiency, productivity and speed.

EasyChatbot.net has powerful gateways to connect with other systems, both to extract and send information.

In addition, it has powerful communication channels with the people who are part of the process, automating the interaction with them, i.e. sending them notifications, insisting in case of not receiving an answer, etc.

Thanks to this, EasyChatbot.net allows machines to work with people.


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