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Thanks to and its decision tree without code, we have managed to increase our productivity to over 3.5 MILLION calls per day attended with quality, while cutting operating costs. is without a doubt a success.
                      Mauricio Bisoni - CEO - Digitaltech Company

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Benefits of using EasyChatbot.Net

You will be able to create a simple decision tree to have your online chatbot to automatically serve your customers.

Forget about customer service schedules, busy phone lines, unattended users enduring long waiting lines and inboxes saturated with messages while your customers wait for a response. With a chatbot for your company all these problems, and many more, have an effective and simple solution.

XR Experience: A chatbot for everything

Chatbot Online generates embedded codes that, when pasted into your web page, become a text (Click2Chat) or voice (Click2Talk) chatbot.


You can easily share your chatbot online with a simple web link.

Telephone Number

If you acquire a virtual phone number, your users will be able to call your CallBot and your Whatsapp Chatbot through that phone.

Call 951204062 and try it out.

METAVERSE can take possession of an avatar to give it a voice and be able to respond to visitors in your Virtual Reality environment. Powered by:


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