About EasyChatbot and our custom chatbots

Discover what EasyChatbot can do for your company thanks to the creation of custom chatbots.

EasyChatbot is a service that allows you to create any kind of custom chatbot according to your business needs. Do you need to serve your customers on WhatsApp? Do you want to give that boost to your Telegram group? Are you looking for a solution to improve your customer service and reduce costs? Then our customized chatbot, in just a few steps and in a very simple way, is your best ally to give that last boost to the digitization of your business, improve sales funnels and customer service processes.

The benefits we offer to your business

Thanks to our tool, you can create a simple decision tree to have your online chatbot that automatically attends your customers.

Forget about customer service schedules, busy phone lines, having unattended customers waiting in long lines and having an overloaded inbox while your customers wait for a response.

With EasyChatbot.net you will have all your customers attended to immediately: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; even at night, when you are sleeping.

Get the most out of it by configuring and customizing your virtual assistant to answer your customers' frequently asked questions and doubts. It can also schedule appointments automatically, complete orders without interruptions and many other uses. The limit is the needs of your business.

In any case, you can create customized chatbots for automatic conversations that fit the needs of your customers and new users. And all this without requiring technical or programming knowledge.

But if you don't have time or need to get your tool up and running as soon as possible, our team of experts is available to configure and customize your virtual assistant for you.

A personalized chatbot on all your channels

Moreover, Easychatbot.net is an omnichannel tool, so you will be able to use it to send and receive messages on most platforms and services such as WhatsApp, Phone, SMS, Web, Social Networks and even the Metaverse.

You can manage your EasyChatbot.net 100% online, without having to install any software, because it is a SaaS (cloud) service. You will be able to do the following functions:

Thanks to our powerful and easy-to-use decision tree, you will be able to configure your bot's responses graphically and intuitively to provide your customers with the information they need. Either from your website or external systems that you use.

With this tool you can have a personalized chatbot with which you can receive messages and answer them or send messages to your entire customer base quickly, economically and automatically.

Take your company to the highest level thanks to this incredible tool and get the most out of your website, your phone and your Social Networks thanks to Easychatbot.net.