How to use

Do you think that acquiring an online chatbot is a laborious and complex process to manage? Follow these simple steps and you'll have a business chatbot up and running before you know it.

1.     Registration: After the initial registration process, you will find all the fundamental elements to start using your first assistant.

2.    Customization: Customize your conversation tree by configuring and customizing the questions that your new virtual assistant will ask.

3.    Administration: You can access reports, create users and much more.

4.    Advanced: After setting up the first decision tree and creating a basic online chatbot, you can complement it with advanced features.

·         Get a virtual phone number: To send and receive calls, SMS or WhatsApp messages.

·         Obtain gateways for the metaverse: Your EasyChatbot can adopt an avatar in Virtual Reality.

·         Advanced Customization: You can customize your Click2Chat and ChatLink with your own logo, corporate colors, etc.


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