EasyChatbot.Net is for you


For an SME, each unattended customer can result in losses. EasyChatbot.net allows you to respond to customers immediately, 24 hours a day, even when you're not there. All through the phone, your website, WhatsApp, SMS and social media.


Manage your Contact Center from anywhere with Internet access, easily and without installations thanks to cloud-based EasyChatbot.net technology.

With EasyChatbot.net you can create phone or chat campaigns with virtual assistants that automatically converse with your customers, both outbound (by uploading a phone list) and inbound, by phone, Whatsapp, SMS, Web and social networks.

Then you can send those conversations to your human agents in order to offer them a more personalized attention.

The human agent will be able to manage the customer's record while talking or chatting with them, and you will be able to hear and monitor their conversations easily and remotely.

You will be able to save recordings of all conversations and generate powerful reports..


EasyChatbot.net allows you to automate processes, especially repetitive ones, eliminating bureaucracy and resulting in efficiency, productivity and speed.

EasyChatbot.net has powerful gateways to connect with other systems, both to extract and send information.

It also has powerful communication channels with the people who are part of the process, automating the interaction with them, i.e. sending them notifications, insisting in case of not receiving an answer, etc. 

Thanks to this EasyChatbot.net allows machines to work with people.


With EasyChatbot.net, it is easy to create, publish and share interactive content, both in audio format (via phone or web) and in written format (via chat). 

Examples: multi-adventure stories, games, training, quizzes, automatic validation of checklists, etc...

EasyChatbot.net allows you to share chatbots by simply sending a link.


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